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Audio: E.O. Wilson talks about Half-Earth, Trump, and more

On this episode of the Mongabay Newscast, we’re featuring highlights from a conversation with author and biologist E.O. Wilson, one of the greatest scientists of the last 100 years.

Wilson was recently interviewed by Mongabay senior correspondent Jeremy Hance about the Half-Earth initiative, the Trump Administration, and how he maintains hope for the future, and we’re excited to share portions of the conversation with you on the Newscast.

We also welcome back to the Newscast Mongabay founder and CEO Rhett Butler, who will be answering a listener question about the sounds you can hear in the background at the start of every episode.

You can listen to it right here:


Here’s this episode’s top news for your further reading pleasure:

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The exact spot where the Newscast’s background sounds were recorded in Bukit Tigapuluh National Park, part of the Thirty Hills landscape in Riau Province, Sumatra, Indonesia. Photo by Rhett Butler.

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