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Newscast #7: Undiscovered Sumatran rhinos in the wild in Malaysia? Maybe, maybe not.

On episode seven of the Newscast we talk with Mongabay contributing editor for Southeast Asia Isabel Esterman, who is based in Cairo, Egypt, about the plight of Asian rhinos. Potential new evidence recently emerged that suggests there might be some undiscovered wild Sumatran rhinos in Malaysia, where they were declared extinct in the wild last year — though not everyone is convinced the new evidence is all that compelling.

We also speak with Richard Bowden, a professor of environmental science at Pennsylvania’s Allegheny College, to answer a question from Mongabay reader and supporter Aeneas Steinhart-Besser, a geography student at the University of Hamburg in Germany. Aeneas wrote in to ask: “What are the effects of climate change on phenology, primary production, carbon sequestration, and biotic interactions?” (Don’t worry — if you’re not sure what phenology, primary production, or any of those other terms mean, Richard fills us in on that too.)

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Here’s this episode’s top news:

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The forest canopy in the Allegheny College Bousson Environmental Research Reserve, a DIRT Project Site. Photo courtesy of Richard Bowden.