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Featured Video: FEVER, the climate change challenge for indigenous people

Fever Trailer (English Subtitles) from LifeMosaic on Vimeo.

Four short films have been produced highlighting the challenges of climate change for indigenous people in the tropics. Produced by LifeMosaic, the indigenous rights organization says the films are “designed to inform and empower indigenous communities across the tropics and to be a tool for grass-roots facilitators, helping strengthen local movements in their awareness raising and advocacy work on climate change and indigenous peoples rights.”

The videos feature the voices of indigenous people across the tropics, including in the Southeast Asia, South America, and Central America. They are also available in six languages.

Fever (English) from LifeMosaic on Vimeo.

Organisation (English) from LifeMosaic on Vimeo.

Resilience (English) from LifeMosaic on Vimeo.

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