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Tomorrow is the second annual Save the Frogs Day!

A green bright-eyed frog (Boophis viridis) from Madagascar. Photo by: Rhett A. Butler, 2009.

Tomorrow, April 30th, is the second annual Save the Frogs Day with events on six continents. Currently a third of the world’s amphibians are threatened with extinction due to a variety of human impacts, including habitat loss, pollution, herbicides and pesticides, climate change, and a devastating amphibian-fungal disease, chytridiomycosis, which has played a large role in declining frog populations worldwide and in several cases extinction. Scientists believe that over 120 species have likely vanished in the past thirty years alone.

Save the Frogs Day is a call to action through education, celebration, and for the first time ever even peaceful protests. To find events near you or even via the Internet: Save the Frogs Day Events.

For read more about Save the Frogs Day: A day to celebrate (and save) the world’s amphibians: the 2nd Annual Save the Frogs Day.

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