tag:news.mongabay.com,2005:/xml/pasture1 pasture news from mongabay.com 2012-07-09T17:21:03Z tag:news.mongabay.com,2005:Article/9794 2012-07-09T16:58:00Z 2012-07-09T17:21:03Z Making reforestation work in abandoned pasturelands Tropical reforestation is not easy, especially in abandoned pasturelands. But a new study in mongabay.com's open access journal Tropical Conservation Science finds that removing grasses prior to and after planting native tree seeds significantly improves the chances of forests to take root. The study site, located in Mexico's Lacandon rainforest, was covered in an invasive African grass (Cynodon plectostachyus). Jeremy Hance tag:news.mongabay.com,2005:Article/4950 2009-09-08T01:10:00Z 2009-12-16T00:22:40Z Activists target Brazil's largest driver of deforestation: cattle ranching <table align="left"><tr><td><img src="http://photos.mongabay.com/09/0908smeraldi150.jpg" align="left"/></td></tr></table>Perhaps unexpectedly for a group with roots in confrontational activism, Amigos da Terra - Amazônia Brasileira is calling for a rather pragmatic approach to address to cattle ranching, the largest driver of deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon. The solution, says Roberto Smeraldi, founder and director of Amigos da Terra, involves improving the productivity of cattle ranching, thereby allowing forest to recover without sacrificing jobs or income; establishing a moratorium on new clearing; and recognizing the economic values of maintaining the ecological functions of Earth's largest rainforest. Rhett Butler