tag:news.mongabay.com,2005:/xml/events1 events news from mongabay.com 2012-02-20T17:37:18Z tag:news.mongabay.com,2005:Article/9128 2012-02-20T16:25:00Z 2012-02-20T17:37:18Z Celebrate frogs on leap day! <table align="left"><tr><td><img src="http://photos.mongabay.com/j/Boophis-pyrrhus,-Devin-Edmonds.150.jpg" align="left"/></td></tr></table>The NGO Amphibian Ark is asking frog-lovers to visit their local zoos on up-coming leap day, February 29th. Dubbed, Leaping Ahead of Extinction, the program includes 58 zoos and other amphibian breeding facilities in seventeen countries that have captive breeding populations of endangered amphibians. Jeremy Hance tag:news.mongabay.com,2005:Article/2842 2008-03-06T14:30:39Z 2008-12-29T06:48:31Z Audubon bird watercolors on display for last time until 2018 More than 40 original Audubon watercolors depicting birds that once flourished but are now gone forever or threatened with extinction -- along with species that have come back from the brink -- will go on display as part of Audubon's Aviary: Portraits of Endangered Species, the fourth installment of the New-York Historical Society's five-year Audubon exhibition series, from February 8 through March 16, at the N-Y Historical Society, 170 Central Park West. Rhett Butler