For Easter: a baby horned screamer chick (photo)

March 31, 2013

Baby horned screamer in Colombia. Photo by Rhett A. Butler

A chick — typically a baby chicken — is a common symbol for Easter. Since we're Mongabay, today we're highlighting another type of chick: a young horned screamer from Eastern Colombia.

The horned screamer (Anhima cornuta) is a large bird that lives in wetland areas of tropical South America. It is related to ducks, geese and swans and is not considered endangered.

Besides being the official bird of the Department of Arauca in Colombia, the horned screamer is known for its loud call, for which is it aptly named.

This particular horned screamer was living near a ranch in Colombia's llanos region.

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For Easter: a baby horned screamer chick (photo).